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I am a bunny mama to 3 house rabbits. Benjamin my first ever rabbit, Gizmo my second and Roly my third. I'm here to share my experiences with you all, feel free to ask me any questions!

mmkchelsea: I'm looking for a new cage for my rabbit and the one you have looks perfect. Could you tell me what kind of playpen it is? Thanks!

Hello! I got ours from Amazon, type in Easipet dog run or play pen. They come in different sizes, I believe we have the biggest one which is the 8 piece cage. Sometimes Benji gets really lazy and stubborn and refuses to walk over to the open door to hop in so he’ll try to chew the bars to get in but the paint work is awesome and doesn’t chip off like some cages. You’re welcome.

red-merle: Have you tried using counterconditioning to help with the bonding process? Getting animals to associate each other's presence with good things is a lot quicker than trying to get them to tolerate each other on their own.

Hi! I’ve had a gate/netting between them and tried things like giving treats, making them have their breakfast together, making them share a pile of hay…would appreciate any other things you think I could try :)


So today I tried another bonding session with my two male bunnies. I got them both on the kitchen counter and used a piece of netting tapped between two coco cola bottles to separate them as a diy gate which held well. I noticed something today, Benji is the one seeking dominance not Roly and he’s even submitting to Benji but Benji is still not happy. Roly only “attacks” in self defense. I got Benji real calm by rubbing his head his butt was facing Roly and he hopped very close to his butt and pressed his head gently to his butt for a long time, you know how they beg for head rubs? He did that to Benji and when I stopped rubbing his head he turn right around to bite Roly, just missing his eye. I don’t have any gloves which I would recommend during sessions to separate them when they fight, I’ve got some nice little scratches today. I feel sorry for Roly when he puts his face to Benji he just gets bitten. I ended on a good note I think, they seemed to have gotten bored with each others presence. I’m going to try putting them in the bath tub tomorrow and separate with netting again, I prefer using the netting to a metal gate, I don’t want them to hurt their paws attacking each other through the gate. It’s harder for Benji to get a grip on Roly with the netting too, his paws just slide.

Also the netting I used was the type you use for dress making, impossible for their nails or paws to get trapped in.

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